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Welcome to the Reynolds Surname DNA Project

The Reynolds Surname DNA Project was founded in 2002 by the late Dr. James Reynolds Hull, Ph.D. to afford participants as members of the various branches of the Reynolds family the scientific results of DNA testing as an aid in finding related lines of their family. Dr. James Reynolds Hull passed the raines of Administrator to Gary W. Reynolds who served in that position until December 10th. The Reynolds Family Association and I want to personally thank Gary for his many hours of hard work in keeping the Project going.

This project serves as a forum which allows participants with similar genetic signatures (which identify family lines) to communicate with one another in an effort to share information and to further their knowledge of their family’s lineage. The project is based on the methods of traditional genealogy with the additional benefit of genetic differentiation that is provided by DNA results. DNA testing for the project is principally yDNA -- or male DNA -- analysis, since yDNA is passed from father to son essentially unaltered across very long periods of time. yDNA, therefore, tracks with the surname, which is also traced by a family’s genealogy. Participants for DNA testing in our project for the most part are males of the Reynolds surname.

Our project is administered by volunteers who have no connection with the Family Tree DNA organization except in matters of coordinating testing and organization of results of testing. We ask participants in our project to take a yDNA test of at least 25 markers. The results of a 25 marker test begin distinguish individuals who are genetically related. Results of tests of more markers add further resolution to the genetic characteristics and begin to confirm family lineage. Since our project is based on traditional methods of genealogy, we also ask the participants or their sponsor(s) to provide a family lineage from the person tested back to their oldest known ancestor on which they have found factual, verifiable evidence. Such lineages might be submitted in an electronic media (GEDCOM), by completing our Pedigree Chart on-line, or in hard copy. We subject each lineage to a limited verification procedure for historical accuracy and reasonableness.

On December 11, 2014 the Reynolds Family Association assumed the duties and responsibilities of the Administrator of the Reynolds Surname DNA Project. Membership in the Reynolds Family Association is NOT required to join the Reynolds Surname DNA Project, however we hope that you will visit our web site, see what benefits we offer, and give us a try.